MissionBox.com is a resource for nonprofit organizations of all kinds. There, I write about fundraising, human resources, taxes, workplace health and safety, special events, and nonprofits and the law. 

The Illinois College advising corps

The Illinois College Advising Corps (ICAC) is a college access and retention initiative housed in the University of Illinois’ Office of Business and Financial Services. As an in-house writer-editor and researcher, I prepared presentations for funders highlighting the effectiveness of the college advising initiative. I created newsletters communicating ICAC’s successes, such as college acceptances, academic honors and expansion into new areas. Additionally, I authored documents featuring quotes from service recipients for distribution to funders and for lobbying legislators.

Energy-Smart is a program of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, dedicated to using renewable and sustainable energy to power the department's buildings and vehicles. I helped translate all the data collected after the project's initial phase into featured copy on the website. My writing helps park patrons, employees, and stakeholders communicate the success of this project.